Vegan Friendly Restaurant in Sarasota

The meaning of ‘Lila’ (pronounced lee-lah) is loosely translated as fun, whimsical and creative, and we have applied this to what we think a restaurant should be. The menu is seasonal and features many of the same organic farms that we love to use.

Our concept for this restaurant is to offer food the way we like to eat: creative, vegetable-centric dishes, many of which are vegan; meaning that they are free of all animal products including: flesh, dairy, eggs, and honey. Our meat dishes are served with organic, locally sourced products, produced on separate cooktops. We are dedicated to preventing any contamination that would compromise a vegan diet. Located on Main Street in the heart of downtown Sarasota, we were surprised to find a limited selection of vegan friendly restaurants in the downtown Sarasota area; something we wanted to change.

It has been so wonderful creating dishes in a way that is health focused, environmentally friendly and supportive of our local community. Come join us.