Lila- The Restaurant We’ve Been Waiting For

By January 3, 2017In The News

Sarasota Magazine Writer, Marsha Fottler, recently did wrote and amazing review for Lila. She called our Main Street Restaurant, “the restaurant we’ve been waiting for. It’s like nothing else in the city—or the region, for that matter. Lila celebrates vegetables and freshness with dazzling creativity. Lila might make a vegetable devotee of you, but you needn’t be passionate about healthy eating to enjoy the diverse and creative pleasures at this intriguing new restaurant.”

She describes our Veggie Burger (pictured left) writing: “At Lila, the bun for an open-face burger ($13) is made of spelt, an ancient grain said to be more nutritious than modern, processed grains. The flavor-crammed burger is made with quinoa, sweet potato, chick peas, carrots and seasoning, and served with kohlrabi slaw that in itself is a revelation. I can’t remember the last time I ate kohlrabi or wanted to, but I’ve enjoyed it often and mightily at Lila.”

Describing our beautiful interior (pictured right) which was completely renovated by Baldwin Construction and Design, Fottler shares, “Lila, like Pomona, is not big; the room (a recycled downtown storefront) is a combination of bar seating, high tops, banquettes and tables done in fashionable modern-rustic style, fusing elements such as metal and wood furniture and terrazzo floors with a crystal chandelier dangling from a ceiling where the mechanicals are exposed. Your napkin is a dish towel, and the plateware is modern and white. The open kitchen is clad in familiar traditional white tiles, but the front of the bar is accented with a customized band of large and elegant silvery blue ones. The overall atmosphere is both stylish and playful.

The lemon tart (pictured left) is sublime, and the other berry and fruit items change with the season and the ingredients master pastry chef Lopes can locally source.

Check out the full review here and thanks for an awesome right up, Sarasota Magazine. For more Lila news, Follow us on Twitter or Like us Facebook!

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