Baldwin Construction and Design Brings Lila Concept to Life

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Baldwin Construction and Design Brings Lila Concept to Life

Baldwin Construction and Design Brings Lila Concept to Life! As many of you may know, Lila took the location of the Bullet Hole on Main Street after they moved to a bigger location a little further up. We had a vision of an open floor plan that was also rustic and inviting. We turned to local contractor, Mark Baldwin of Baldwin Construction and Design, and were so thrilled with the way he updated the space.

Chef and Owner Ryan Boeve had this to say about the project, “Mark Baldwin did an amazing job helping us re-imagine this space for Lila. We now have a beautiful, modern restaurant space where the Bullet Hole used to be and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Baldwin Construction and Design works under the mission and objective to put the word “Custom” back into custom building with the vision of using original and quality materials that truly makes a design custom. With a reputation based on honesty, fine craftsmanship, and timeliness, this company was the perfect fit for realizing Lila, sharing in our ideology of sourcing high quality materials from outstanding local sources.  For instance, our concrete tiles are sourced from St. Petersburg while the concrete counter tops were made locally by Baldwin Construction and Design.

They also place equal priority on all aspects of the project from color choices and paint application to the foundation, understanding that even small details lead to the overall quality of the design. Similarly, we place importance on sourcing ingredients, recognizing that every small pinch of salt or a slight adjustment in the flavor profile of an item can change the outcome of the whole dish. It was this passion to detail that brought this amazing design into fruition. Mark Baldwin, owner of Baldwin Construction and Design, shared, “We just felt so lucky to bring Ryan and Arthur’s passion for food to life. It was more than just building a restaurant, it was about representing the food they were serving and incorporating that mentality into the building construction. It was a great experience working with such passionate proprietors and we really believe we brought their concept to life.”

Baldwin Construction and Design shares about the Lila project, “This is a shining example of how our service has evolved to the high standard we currently hold ourselves to. It really highlighted our collective work ethic, and the adjustments we can make in order to accommodate a client. We’ve adopted the hands-on approach in every aspect of the word; with every endeavor; from beginning to end. Nothing is too much for us to handle, or too small to push aside.”

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