Lila is Fun For Everyone

By November 9, 2016In The News

Lila is Fun For EveryoneLila is Fun For EveryoneLila is Fun For Everyone

Recently Style Magazine by the Sarasota Herald Tribune featured an article about Lila calling it the “new it restaurant.” Writer Kristine Nickel shares her experience at Lila saying that “Lila is fun for everyone. It seems that everyone loves Lila.” She equates Lila as the new IT girl of restaurants in Sarasota because “the food is interesting, outstanding, and very much of the moment.” Along with her granddaughter, Kristine tried a variety of menu items. See what she had to say about each of the items below.

The Warm Roasted Tomato Salad (pictured left) was “sweet, tart, smooth, crunchy, and satisfying in that comfort food kind of way.”

The Spring Greens and Tabouli salad was “so fresh and light it practically jumped off the plate… It was, hands down, the best version of this Middle Eastern standard I’ve yet to experience.”

The Zucchini Linguine made Kristine want to invest in a vegetable spiralizer and she said, “The zucchini bonded with the pesto in a very satisfactory way. Loved this dish.”

The Buffalo Tenderloin was “close to perfect. It was seasoned aggressively–sometimes a necessity for bison– and married very well with the classic Bordelaise sauce. Tender, Delicious.”

Besides enjoying a variety of items, Kristine noted the decor as something you would find in Santa Monica or San Jose because the interior is a “hip, industrial space with high-tops, an open kitchen with seats facing the chefs and more traditional low tables in the front.” Furthermore she noted the wine and beer options writing, “the wine and beer list is excellent, carefully selected with interesting choices and an exceptional representation of local craft beers.”

Thank you so much to Style Magazine and Kristine Nickel for this fantastic write up. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the decor and food! You can check out the full article online here. For more Lila news, Follow us on Twitter or Like us Facebook!

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