Lila Makes Simple Exceptional

By November 2, 2016In The News

Lila Makes Simple ExceptionalLila Makes Simple ExceptionalLila Makes Simple Exceptional
Recently, Brian Ries of the Herald-Tribune, wrote about his experience dining at Lila. We are happy to share some of the highlights of his post and encourage you to read the full article here.

Ries comments that Lila’s focus on veggies is a growing trend towards food that other restaurants are missing by continually making meat the star of the meal. This trend, which includes the use of local and organic ingredients, a creativity in using vegetables in new ways (for example, zucchini linguini–pictured right), and a move towards less animal products, is growing as more and more people become health-conscious. Although this trend is spreading, Lila does it particularly well with Ries writing,”The veggie-centric menu may be a draw, but the exceptional food will keep people coming back.”

Ries noticed the difference in our homemade tofu (pictured left) calling it “more like flavorful farmers’ cheese than the dull, watery stuff you find at the supermarket.” Ries enjoyed the grilled baby bok choy (pictured center) writing it was “a revelation. Perfectly seasoned, the bright green and white leaves are lightly wilted and mottled in parts with char, crisp and tender and dressed with an occasional burst of rich and salty miso butter.”

Ries also commented on the meat saying, “If you do eat meat, however, Lila does that well, too. Yet again, even the simple things are exceptional. The house-made bacon ($7) comes as thick slices of cured and smoked pork belly, a small portion of sweet and smoky meat that allows the pork to shine.” Ries, ultimately determined, “That’s the real beauty of Lila: The food is surprising. Surprisingly simple. Surprisingly healthy. Surprisingly delicious.”

We appreciate the write up, Brian Ries, and are happy to hear that you enjoyed our “surprisingly delicious” menu. Stop in today and try the food for yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed! For more Lila news, Follow us on Twitter or Like us Facebook!

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